26 Letters

tumblr_m8391iUpuD1qh0381o1_400I was thinking the other day, (Scary Right?), and I came across a mind blowing thought that has really opened my eyes to something. If you think about it, every book, magazine, speech, text message, song, movie, essay, everything that we read or say is simply composed of different combinations of 26 letters. That is completely mind blowing to me. To think that this blog post, is just a different arrangement of the letters from the books that people like Stephen King, Oscar Wilde, Mark Twain, and many other great writers of our world used. Every text message is just a different order of the simple letters that were used in Hitlers speeches, or in the latest romantic comedy’s script, or in this morning’s newscast, or in the latest novel. To think of all the amazing and powerful things that 26 simple symbols can do is truly mind blowing and thought provoking. This is an excerpt from the Library of Congress’s website:

“Today’s Library of Congress is an unparalleled world resource. The collection of more than 155 million items includes more than 35 million cataloged books and other print materials in 460 languages; more than 68 million manuscripts; the largest rare book collection in North America; and the world’s largest collection of legal materials, films, maps, sheet music and sound recordings.”

There are over 155 Million works of writing in the Library of Congress, each one unique in it’s own way and they vary greatly in genera, topic, and era of writing, but they still are all composed of simply a different order of only 26 letters. Countless amount of works and writings of everything and anything, all in the end are very similar. That thought is just crazy to me.

This idea, also gives me hope and wonder as a writer and avid reader. Think of all the magic that those letters have created, all the inspiration that they have bestowed upon them. The amazing  world in Harry Potter. Hogwarts, Hogsmead, the students, the teachers, the wizarding war. Everything that has sparked millions of followers, and beloved readers, was all sparked by just 26 letters. Books like the bible, that people dedicate their whole lives to studying and reading into, is made of such a simple thing. As someone who loves to write also, I find it comforting to think that everything that was every written or said in the world, was made as combinations of these letters. That all those past writers who lived in fame and are still treasured for their amazing writings and works, started from the same place, and we all have the oppertunity to begin there too, and we all have the chance. All we have to do is have an idea, and find the perfect order of those simple letters and you can start something big and amazing.

So to all of you writers or readers out there, just think about this for a while, let it soak in. Every way that we communicate to others, is only a different order of the same 26 simple letters. Your favourite book, has the same start as the horrifying History Text Books we all know too well. So if you’re looking to spark something in people, make them happy or sad, say what your feeling, create a magical world that is all your own, spark a unity amongst people, or simply write a blog post, you just simply have to find that right combinations of those 26 letters. Happy Booking c: omforting to think that all those people were able to express everything and what they were feeling and spark reveloutions, make people they have never met laugh, and cry, and unite groups of people who otherwise would have nothing in common by just finding that perfect letter combination. 


Safekeeping by Karen Hesse- First Thoughts

SafekeepingI recently, aka yesterday, began reading a new book, Safekeeping by Karen Hesse. I will admit that I am not far into the book at all but from what I have read it is a very interesting plot line and a very applicable idea to todays world. This book is about a young girl, Radly, who is on a mission trip in Haiti when she gets word that the president of the United States has been shot and that there is turmoil throughout the country. She hurries back to go home to her family and seek refuge with them together. She doesn’t realize just how bad the situation has gotten until she gets there and finds that her parents have not met her. She has to travel through this strange new country to find her parents and survive in the new rules.

I am not typically a person that is very interested in politics and I will never be caught reading a political book or even speaking fondly of them very often. This book though, I find really interesting. As dooming as it seems, I really find apocalyptic books and TV shows to be really interesting. Its always fun, to me, to see how I think I would react in certain situations and how other people react. The beginning and situation of the turmoil, is one part that I find the most fascinating. I am a huge fan of the Walking Dead, because I find the post apocalyptic world and its social conducts to be really interesting. This book has all of those elements. It shows how the chaos begins and how many people react to it.

Radly was away and out of the country when all this begun, so she has no sense of any of the new rules and regulations in her country. She leaves for a couple of months and comes back to a place that has curfews and where you need government permission to even pass state lines. This country is in complete turmoil and she is walking in during the middle and trying to simple grasp what is even happening and how it begun.

As you can tell I am not a fan of politics, and I often take the “hippie” stance on many things. I disagree with many things that our government is doing today, and I honestly fear that this could someday be a real possibility. With the congress not being able to agree and even make simple compromises and the gap between the beliefs and relations between the right and the left side growing bigger everyday, the government may just be heading that way. People are getting angry and tired, and they are beginning to speak and act out against what is going on. If something doesn’t change soon, I’m afraid that America could soon turn into Radly’s world.

Sorry to all of you who expected a book review and came across my rant, it’s not what I origionaly intended, but the coincidences are uncanny and scary in some ways. So I will keep reading this book, and fuel my obsession with turmoiled societies. Happy Booking!

The Great Gatsby

So a little while ago, I went to the theaters and went to see The Great Gatsby, and I fell in love with the movie and the story immediately. It was a wonderful movie, so many twists and turns, eternal love beyond all measures of time and social restrictions, and of course, it starred Leo DiCaprio, so you gotta love it. I decided to begin reading the book, when life calmed down a little bit. Since I have come to the conclusion that my life will never calm down, I might as well jump into the book now. Although I am only a little into it, I decided I’d post about my beginning thoughts when first reading it. So far, I really enjoy the book, and totally understand why it was such a popular hit and classic. I really enjoy the writing style of it, as a narrative of Nick. The characters are absolutely loveable and relatable also. I really enjoy it so far, and am really excited to continue reading it and finishing it. One thing that I was amazed by, while reading the book, is that the movie expertly follows the book. I think the writers, at least in what I have read so far, have quoted the book almost exactly and followed it beautifully, so hopefully I can keep reading and finish this book. So far so good. Happy Booking, all!

The Book vs. The Movie

The never ending tale of books vs movies, and which ones are better, is one thing that almost every person will have a valid opinion towards. My personal view, that you can probably guess seeing that my blog is half about reading, is that the books are always so much better than the movies. There are actually a lot of valid points for each side and to some people it is actually a very big issue. It also ties in the question of wither you will read the book before the movie, or afterwards.
In my opinion there are so many movies that just tend to not live up to the book. While movies are amazing and a lot of fun, there is still nothing quite like quickly turning the page of a book to find what happens next to the hero and the bad guy, or which guy will get the girl. These stories told out in detail give you a feel of being actually there and being able to put a slight interpretation of your own in the mix of your story. There are so many ways the little things in a book can be taken, and it can ruin a movie if the director doesn’t take those simple ideas the same way that you did.
One of the biggest complaints that I hear between a book and a movie, is that the characters never look like you would picture them. That is so true on many occasions. The descriptions in a book are opposite of that of the actor’s actual appearance. This has always annoyed me to no end, but when you really think about it, in some cases it’s unavoidable. Like I mentioned earlier, every book is slightly based upon the fact that readers will interoperate their own ideas into the story line, and the picture of the characters that you get back are often one of those. While, yes in other cases there is no viable excuse for changing a character as much as some movies do, sometimes the possibility to be pleased with a character just won’t happen.
Movie director’s also add and take away a lot of details and events to make the movie a good length and to keep everybody interested in coming to see it. When directors change little details such as the room number in The Shining, those are the things that really get me upset because sometimes those little things are very important.
So basically yes, the book and the movie will be juristically different. That is a sad an unavoidable fact, unless the author is actually there at the set all the time and helping out (I’m looking at you John Green), than theres a good chance it won’t come out the way you want it to. It’s all down to opinion to see which one you think better describes your picture of the story and if the movie follows the book. In my opinion, I love movies and will always watch them, but the book, the original, is usually the best. Happy Booking!

Review of Doctor Sleep

In one word: WOW! I recently read and finished Stephen King’s new book, Doctor Sleep. If you have not read this book yet, stop reading this post, because there will be spoilers! This is my official spoiler alert, so if you keep reading, you can’t blame me.
This book was amazing and I was not let down one bit, from the beginning to end I was hooked. Stephen King really does an amazing job, like he always does. So time for my indepth thoughts on the book, other than just WOW.
I loved the beginning, it starts off not long after the end of The Shining and tells how Danny is still being haunted by his old friends from the Overlook Hotel. I really liked how him and Dick stay in touch still and how he helps him lock the ghosts away.
The book slowly transitions into the future and captures Danny (or Dan now) at an older age. If I had one complaint through out this book it would be what King did with Dan as he aged. He became an alcoholic just like his father was. I didn’t really like this, because in my opinion I pictured Dan never wanting to do what his father did and be like him after he abused both him and his mother and lost a job over his addiction. Although I later realized it was a necessary part of the story, I still don’t like the fact that he was turned to the bottle. Although it in no way brings my opinion of the book down at all.
One cool thing about his books, and this one, is the characters that you fall in love with, and the ones that you just love to hate. Abra was one of my favourite characters in this book, I loved seeing another girl with the shine and seeing how Dan gets the chance to help and mentor her, while helping himself also. Rose the Hat is the obvious love to hate character, she was a b.a., smooth girl, but rutheless and I have to admit that at the end, I was glad that she died.
Dan’s new job is one of the coolest things that I have read in a long time, Doctor Sleep. I thought how he incorporated his shine into his work, and the name, and how he used it to help Abra and kill the True, really all came together beautifully and was absolutely perfect.
There were soooooo many amazing plot twists through this whole book, that would have to be my overall favourite part, because you never ever saw some of them coming. Over all I really loved the book and was very happy with the ending and how things worked out for Dan, Abra, Billy, and the gang. I would love to hear your guys’ thoughts over this book too, if you have read it. Any comments at all! Happy Booking! And make sure to stay away from RV’s when driving along the highway all 😉

New Stephen King Book

Woot woot!! Is anyone else as excited about Stephen King’s latest book, that also happens to be the sequel to The Shining? I have grown up reading and loving Stephen King and my parents have bought all his books. As soon as I heard about this book I got so excited and amazed. The Shining was one of my favourite books by him, and if anyone hasn’t read it, stop what you are doing, get in your car and drive to the nearest book store 😛 It really is a great movie. Don’t watch the movie instead of reading the book too because there are a lot of differences and the book is way better.(Isn’t that always the case?)

The Quotes We Love

Book Quotes are one of my favourite things about reading, to put it simply. The sayings that you can relate to, that stick with you, and keep you going. I bet you can think of one right now as your reading this, cant you? Characters in books are some of the wisest people that come straight from the authors endless mind of knowledge. Quotes speak to us, the reach out through the pages, grab our attention, pull us in and keep us. It tells you what you really took out of the book, what you learned and what you liked. Throughout every book that I read, I have started making note of any quotes that I really like, and sometimes coming back to them. Some quotes are funny and make you laugh and others are perfectly philosophical. The possibilities for quotes and things you take from books are endless and those are the main things that stay with us when we read the last page and close the cover. I have many many favourite quotes (I am a bit of a quote junkie) and I’ll share a couple of mine, just because it’s my blog and I can, so I hope you find these really cool c:

“But you could argue that there is something tragically heroic about fighting this battle he is doomed to loose. Is this hope a kind of insanity, or the very definition of humanness?”

This is a quote from Paper Towns by John Green. I absolutely love this quote. I find it to be completely true, that fighting battles that we are doomed to lose is what humans do, it really is the definition of humanness. When you really think about it, at least for me, everything about this quote just speaks out to me in truth. The tragically beautiful description of human nature.

“I think she’s magic”

“You think everything’s magic, stupid girl.”

“Well, everything is.”

This quote is from Wicked by Gregory Maguire. This book is wonderfully amazing, and filled with so many great quotes that I wouldn’t have time to type them all out and without giving anything of the plot and idea away. I really love this quote because to me the world is filled with magic. Good and bad magic, yes but everything is magical if you make it out to be so. I think its wonderful how some people have not seen enough of the bad things in the world to deep in their hearts truly believe that good magic is in everything. Its a beautiful thought.

These are just two quotes in my great expanse that I have collected over time and pages, Someday I will try to make an electronic copy of these and post them for you dearest readers of mine. If you have any quotes that you love, please don’t be shy and share them, I love hearing new quotes. Keep Reading c: