Goodbye, Junior Year

Well, guys. This is it. In the final days of my junior year of high school. It has been a long and trying year I suppose that will hopefully make my senior year seem that much more magical. I have never been very good with profound and elequant words or goodbye speeches that make you rethink your whole life path and make you want to go out and take on the world. I suppose, since this isn’t really a goodbye speech, I should be okay than. All things aside this has been not a great year, but an informative one. I have been told truths I didn’t really want to know, found out who really stands by me, learned about friends and myself. This blog began as a simple Ap Lang assignment, but I don’t want it to end there. I plan to continue it through the summer, and hopefully through my life even further. So dear readers, if there are any, this is not a goodbye to you, just a goodbye to this year. And a well welcomed one at that. But a goodbye to one thing, is simply a hello to a whole new world of things. A goodbye to junior year is a hello to being a senior and queen of the school. I have really enjoyed seeing my blog grow and shape into what it is now. It’s really awesome thing of people around the world wanting to read what I have to say. So I suppose in a way, this is a goodbye. A goodbye to a structured school assignment, to something of my own creation, mind, and will.