Right Way To Go Gluten Free

As I mentioned in my last post, there is a growing number of people going gluten free in the world, for whatever reason, if it be health, diet, or you just felt like it. There is always a right and a wrong way to do a diet. If you do the gluten free diet correctly and smartly you will feel a lot better and less weighed down and most likely loose weight also, but you have to be smart with it.

Cutting out breads and wheat products can be VERY hard. No muffins, pizza, bagels, cereal, tacos, waffles, pancakes, and any other desert that is made with flour. Before I freak you out too much, there are always alternatives which I will mention later on. You have to find a way to cut out all of these foods from your daily diet and replace them with healthier alternatives. If you remove your morning muffin and replace it with something worse for you, than you’re not helping anything. There are many different recipe options for those who are gluten free that can also be healthy and filling. There are easy and still good ideas for every meal of things that you can still have when gluten free:




Gluten Free Pancakes



Hash Browns


Find specific recipes here: http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/collection/gluten-free-breakfast


For lunch and dinner you can find so many different delicious ideas. Meats of all kind are allowed so that will give you a lot of protein and energy which will make the transition easier on your body so you don’t have to be focused on food and eating all the time. There are many gluten free substitutes. Gluten free flours and mixes can be found in almost every local grocery store and usually they are very easy to make and create new meals with. Occasionally you have to be a bit creative with the meals that you make, but it makes things more interesting that way.

As long as you don’t replace the gluten and wheat products with items that are worse for you, and are smart with how much you eat (a new diet is not an excuse to totally gorge on everything)  than you will be totally set on your new diet.




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