I’m Not A Psychopath, I’m a High Functioning Sociopath

Have you ever met someone who always has that odd mysterious vibe about them? They always seem like their hiding something, bad with social rules, can easily get you to do things for them? You may just know a Psychopath or a Sociopath than. A good example of such is my favourite sociopath, Sherlock Holmes, played by the ever dashing Bennedict Cumberbatch.

A psychopath or sociopath is a fascinating person but not one that you want to mess with or get on the wrong side of, they may seem lovable but very dangerous also (again much like our Mr. Holmes). Psychopathy is defined by the Hare Psychopath Checklist which measures different traits that follow typical psychopathic behaviors and goes as follows;

-glib and superficial charm,
-need for stimulation
-pathological lying
-cunning and manipulating,
-lack of remorse
-poor behavioral controls
-parasitic lifestyle
-sexual promiscuity
-early behavior problems
-lack of realistic long-term goals
-failure to accept responsibility for own actions
-many short-term marital relationships
-juvenile delinquency
-revocation of conditional release
-criminal versatility

This is the basic outline for psychopathic behavior. There are many real life examples of people with these tendencies. This test is usually administered by a trained professional that gives the patient a score if 0-2 on each item and typically a score around 30 and above receive the title of psychopath or sociopath. Not all of those diagnosed have to meet all of these categories and often times they don’t, it’s just a general representation and guideline.

These people are often very manipulative and cunning. They come across and sweet and charming and mysterious and before you know it you’re out some money, time, or a huge favour. They are very good at charming people into doing anything.

One of the most well known characteristics of them is their lack of feeling and remorse. Although they will often lie and say that they do feel things, it is often very shallow and short lived. Most of the time they are fascinated at people when they show emotions such as fear and love, as they have never felt that either at all or to that extreme. One of the most famous psychopaths is the serial killer and rapist, Ted Bundy. His interviews are very creepy and fascinating at the same time, they are very interesting to watch how his mind works. It was once said that a biographer working on a book on Bundy went to interview him in prison and the series that he told were so gruesome and sick that after each interview he would leave and throw up because he was so disturbed by the things he heard. Here is an interview by Ted Bundy, but don’t worry it is not nearly as disturbing as those talks were, most viewers will be fine.


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