Gluten Free Craze


I recently discovered that about half of my close family is now going gluten free. This came as a shock to me because I have always known them to be big bread lovers and pro-carbs, so I decided to follow and do a little research on why people would want to give up amazing foods like breads and such. My sister is gluten free because my parents are under the false belief that she is allergic to it, but that is a whole other topic. A herbalist chiropractor told her to go gluten free so that is somewhat understandable if you were told by someone that you should go gluten free. There are many different reasons for giving up gluten, so let’s begin first though by at least knowing what it even is.

Gluten is a protein found in breads, pastas, cereals and many other popular foods that give it it’s elasticity to it’s dough and helps the product rise and makes it taste chewy. It basically makes bread fluffy and delicious. So how can something so good be so bad for you? There are many different theories on what gluten can do to different people and why.  One of the most obvious reasons for going gluten free is if one is effected by Celiac Disease. This is where the body mistakes the gluten for a poison and can cause many health issues as a result of the molecular mix up.

Most of the people who are going gluten free however, are doing it for mainly health and diet reasons. It is becoming one of the growing diet and health fads through the world. The number of gluten free products being found in grocery stores in skyrocketing and the diet is becoming more and more popular and even restaurants have adopted a menu for gluten free individuals when many still don’t have a menu for say lactose intolerant or vegetarian diners.

An article on Oprah’s website discussed the growing amount of complaints of people against gluten:

And a growing body of science is linking a range of problems—including chronic fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, and migraines—to a condition called nonceliac gluten sensitivity”

Many people have recorded having many health side effects as a result of eating gluten. There have been studies that research the gluten sensitivity although scientists often agree that there is no way to have definitive proof of a mere sensitivity. There are many reports of people simply feeling better after cutting gluten out of their diet. This seems like a logical argument as you will feel more refreshed and alive after having a fruit smoothie rather than a a big bagel or a muffin. If you do the gluten free diet the right way than you may lose weight, but it is important to understand that not all gluten free foods are better for you than regular foods and like with any other diet you should be careful as to how you approach it. I will follow up with another post about the right way to do gluten free and some tips and tricks for cooking. Happy Cooking!


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