Spice Up Your Water

Finally, it seems like the temperatures are rising a little bit and the sun is shining more than it has been, and spring, or dare I say it, even summer, may be on it’s way. (Although as I type this, of course, I look outside and see a rainy, cloudy, fifty degree day outside.) Well, if you’re lucky enough to live in a place where the weather is predictable and you actually may have consecutive days of nice warm weather before you get rain or cold again, than it may be time to start thinking about summer and spring foods and drinks. Of course on a hot summer day, nothing tastes better than some refreshing and cooling water. If you are like me however, you get easily bored with the same thing over and over again, so I decided to make some tips about spicing up your average every day water.

1.) Fruit Infuser

These are about one of the coolest things ever. Now of course you can also do this without the special water bottle, it may just make it easier if you do it this way. This bottle helps you put a fruit flavour into your water. It is very delicious and tastes really refreshing and clean to drink. You can add in almost any kind of fruit there is and than your water will taste just like it. You can even try different combinations of fruits. Usually I prefer strawberries, they usually taste very very good. The only warning for these is that you can’t leave the fruit in there for too long and you should be constantly refilling your bottle so the it doesn’t go bad or anything.


2.) Detox Water

This is what my spring and summer plant will heavily consist of, as I need to start getting back on track to where I was. Detox water is amazing. You make it yourself and usually there are specific drinking instructions like how much and for how long people usually drink it, but it helps you boost metabolism, clean out your insides and make them pure and detox them, hence the name. This water will make you feel fantastic and it tastes really good. There are millions of recipes that are out there, you just have to find the right one for you. For example here are a couple good ones.

Weight Loss

Ingredients: 3 lemons sliced 1/2 cucumber

A bunch of mint leaves (per gallon of water)

Preparation: 1. Slice lemons and cucumbers, wash mint leaves and place in a gallon of water.

2. Let it sit over night in the fridge so the water can soak up all the flavors. Drink up and enjoy the next day!

General Detox

4 Servings; Drink Throughout the Day)

3/4 c unsweetened pineapple juice,

1 lemon

1 c unsweetened pomegranate juice

3 cups water

Stir ingredients together and drink up!

3.) Chai and Cucumber

Chai seeds are very very good for you especially for weight loss reasons and just in general health. One trick to adding them to your diet is through water. I usually put about a spoonful or a little less of the Chia seeds in a bottle of water, add in some cucumbers, strawberries, lemons, or mint leaves and you have a really good healthy drink that you can have anytime. It may be an acquired taste for some, but I really enjoy it.


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