Wait, That Was A Book?

It’s amazing once you do a little research what you’ll find. There are so many popular movies out today that many people would recognize, that we’re not a product of Hollywood, but of an author and a keyboard. I love the fact that some of my favourite movies were based off of less popular books, because it gives you the opportunity to  see kind of behind the scenes, more detail, more experiences, and to relive the excitement again. Than if you’re a movie enthusiast it gives you a chance to critique the movie compared to the book and argue different ways that it could be done, judging things is one of my biggest passions so this is a fun highlight of mine. So here’s the collection of movies that were actually books.

1. Forest Gump


Surprised? I was too! This extremely famous movie, from which many famous quotes and moments came from, is not to the credit of a director and script writers, but of Winston Groom. He originally wrote the book and it was later adapted into a movie. Even the covers are slightly similar. This will be one to put on the list to see if it has the same humorous element or if that part was purely Hollywood.


2. Die Hard

That right, this classic awesome movie, origionated from a book. This book was actually written so that Frank Sinatra could play the leading role, but it fell through and never worked out but it was later adapted into the Bruce Willis movie we all love, Die Hard.


3. How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days


This has to be one of my favourite movies ever! Its perfect in almost every way and has the added bonus of getting to see and hear the amazing and gorgeous Matthew McConaughey. This is for sure one of the books that I’m going to have to add to my list.


4. Pitch Perfect

The movie that made thousand of preteen girls bang cups around all day, was actually based off of a book too! This one really surprised me and sparked my curiosity. It would be interesting to see what was based off the book and what elements were from the actors, mainly the funny Rebel Wilson who is excellent at improv.


5. Mrs. Doubtfire

This movie has to be one of the funnies things that I have ever seen in my life. You have to love Robin Williams and this movie was the perfect role for him. It is halarious but also very sweet. If you haven’t seen it, you are for sure missing out and need to get on your netlix account as soon as possible. This is a classic amazing movie, and im sure an awesome book also.


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