Assassination Vacation

In the past few weeks we have been very busy children in our AP Lang class, and have started our next author study project. At first I was disappointed at my author that I received, Sarah Vowel, but my initial reaction was soon proven wrong. I learned the lesson to never judge an author by the two sentence summary you hear about her. While I was expecting another few weeks of forcing myself to read books by an author that I didn’t chose, I was delightfully proven wrong. When I found that her first book was called Assassination Vacation, I was excited to read it. Anything with the word assassination in it will immediately catch my interest.

This book is about her adventures around the United States to places where presidents have been assassinated or places related to the act of killing them, such as the place that John Wilkes Booth ran to escape the police after him after shooting Lincoln in Ford Theater. This book is actually really interesting and fun to read. She explores the world of presidential assassinations and how they happened and why. She also brings in a lot of trivia facts about the deaths, such as the correlation between Robert Lincoln between everyone of the presidential assassinations. For example Robert was supposed to be set up with Booth’s fiance not a week before his father was killed by the man. He also saved Booth’s brother from getting hit by an underground one day many years later. He has been associated with every one of the assassinations, not only the one of his father.

The history of death in the United States is always fascinating and interesting especially when you add in the element of historical background.  Vowel throughout the book explains how she is obsessed with death, but not pleased by the result or the act of it. I share this belief with her. The art of death and peoples means behind it are fascinating but the fact that people have to die to have the fascination is sad. There are many places and facts about these things that many people aren’t aware of and Sarah Vowel brings these to life through her adventures. There is also a fun element of humour throughout the book as she describes how her friends are aware of how odd her passion is and how she often has to drag them along to the places that she describes in the book.

If you’re fascinated by history or the minds of people I would totally recommend this book. Happy Booking!


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