Health Tips (Part 2)

Well continuing off of my last post, here are the rest of the health tips that you can easily add to your everyday life to greatly improve you’re health, lifestyle, and just to feel better all over. These are all super easy and not the only things that will help you, but just simple reminders of the things that we should be trying to do in our everyday lives.

6. Fruits and Veggies


Pretty obvious right? Not really a shocker that you’re supposed to eat fruits and veggies everyday. It’s hard sometimes though to get enough of these good foods and to get them every single day. Sometimes if you start off by having a little bit more each day you can learn to easily work these into your busy eating schedule. You can make fruit smoothies and drink V8 juice to make it seem like you’re not really eating healthy when you really are. Try to eat wide varieties and make sure not to forget your leafy greens, as those are very valuable also. One fun fact is that if a certain fruit or veggie tastes especially good one day, that means you’re lacking the nutrition that food has to offer and should be eating it more.

7. Go Outside


As hard as it may be to turn off the tv, get off the computer, pause Netflix and get off the couch and go outside somedays, it really is very important. Our bodies need Vitamin D to live, and that is made by the sun and we can get it by being outside. By being outside the bright light is proven to be somewhat of an antidepressant and helps boost moods. The outdoors can also help with our sleep cycle in regulating the melatonin levels and letting us sleep easier and more soundly.

8. Exercise


Again, another shocker right? We’ll exercise of course is a very important part of our lives. We should be exercising a little bit everyday. Weather it be going for a run, using equipment at the gym, or taking a class like yoga or Zumba. Exercise helps keep us fit and healthy as well as helping regulate blood flow, increasing mood, and helping to regulate the sleep cycles. You can’t feel bad after a really good workout, maybe sore but happy nonetheless.

9. Sleep


Sleeping is very vital to our well beings. When we sleep out body resents itself and sorts through all of the information we process during the day. It also allows time for our body to repair without having to focus on the ordeals of being awake and active. If we keep a regular sleep schedule of about 8 hours of more than the results will show in your life.


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