Health Tips (Part 1)

There are endless tips out in the world on the best things that you can do to become healthier and live longer. There are things that only work for some people and also things that companies say to get you to buy their products. There are some basic biological things that are scientifically proven to improve health and will make you feel 100 times better than you did before. If you make even these ten simple changes in you life you can become so much healthier, more fit, and happier even.

1. Eat a good breakfast.


Everybody, including me, struggles in eating breakfast in the first place, let alone a really healthy one. In our busy schedules we would much rather sleep in an extra twenty minutes than take time to eat a balanced breakfast. It’s proven that if you eat a big and healthy breakfast you will eat less through out the whole day, feel better, and it can even increase your metabolism for the rest of the day. A good breakfast is some grains such as granola, yogurt, and fruit. Paired with a glass of orange juice, coffee, or tea. If you do this you’re set for the whole day.

2. Water, water, and more water


Everyone I’m sure has heard the typical, you need to drink 8 glasses of water a day, or 2 liters total. This rule though, is more important than many people may think. Being a student, it’s hard to make sure to drink all of that water when you aren’t allowed to go to the bathroom for 8 hours a day(which I highly dislike in my opinion. I mean how would the teachers like it if we refused them the right to pee?). But back to the point water is so important. It helps with your skin, organs, basically every bodily function. So go ahead, grab a glass of ice cold water.

3. Vitamins


In today’s culture, it has become increasingly hard to get all of the recommended vitamins that we require in a day to be totally healthy. So the best way to fix that is my taking multi-vitamins. There are many very good ones out there and some that are even specified for certain people and age groups. I personally take one for teen girls and my parents that the adult ones. They can be very helpful and nice just for that extra boost.

4. Socialize


I as much as the next person will agree that people are self involved idiots. Although I also know that, as much as I would like to deny it, sadly I too am a person. And people by nature need to socialize to survive. It may seem odd and very hard some days. But socialization is actually a health benefit. Laughing and being with people can boost metabolism, help the immune system and more important our psychology. As much as I hate being around people, my mental state would be even worse if I didn’t socialize. So get out there and make some friends!

5. Be Happy! (Even if you’re not)


It is psychologically proven that if you excerpt the feelings and actions of being happy, even if you feel that you’re not happy, it will have positive effects on your life and health. If you smile and laugh and sit up straighter your body will actually think that you in turn are happy. You will usually feel happier and your immune system, metabolism, and circulatory system will boost and see improvements. So even if you’re sad, pretend to be happy and your body will be!


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