Alternative Medicine

One area of study that is growing in popularity is the idea of alternative medicine and the idea of using herbs in placement of traditional medicine and as a more natural and healthier way to get better from illnesses, cancer, or even things such as anxiety and insomnia. In a historical context, herbal and natural medicine was highly used and practiced by highly evolved and intelligent societies. Yes medicine has changed and evolved over time, for example  we don’t put leeches all over people with the flu hoping that they will suck out and get rid of all the “bad blood” anymore. Although, the possibilities of using natural methods in modern medicine could really be groundbreaking. The Native Americans used many herbs and remedies to cure ailments and other illnesses that they encountered, and contrary to somewhat popular belief, they were one of the most advances civilizations of their time. There are many different theories to the effectiveness and uses of herbs for some of today’s medical issues.

In today’s culture the most popularized use for alternative medicine, is actually with cancer patients. Many patients, who want to try anything at all to stop the growth of their cancer, will often turn to other more natural ways to possibly help them. Even in the hit (and amazing) T.V. show “Breaking Bad“, Walter and Skylar While inquire and mention many times about alternative medicinal remedies and different ways, besides the harsh chemical treatment that Walter could use to help slow the cancer growth. This of course isn’t the only use or purpose for alternative medicine.

There are both good and bad forms of natural medicine. Homeopathy is one version that really is not all that effective at all. It contains highly diluted forms of verbs, that may leave you with a wonderful feeling of the placebo effect, but nothing substantial or actually effective.


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