Special Offer! Free Unlimited Vacation To Anywhere at Anytime

Bet that caught your attention, huh? I wasn’t lying though! Would you like to leave now, and go to anywhere in the world for any amount of time and not have to pay for it? Well, my faithful blog readers, if you answered yes to that question, today is you’re lucky day!! All of that is possible with the simple act of opening, you guessed it, a book! Yes, I am well aware of how utterly cheesy and cliché it sounds, but it is so unbelievably true! Due to recent stressful events, I have been in dire need of a looooooooong vacation preferably by myself to somewhere exotic and far away. Than it hit me, ah ha! I can do that for free!

Books are an amazing thing, and if you’re reading this reading blog, you must already agree with this fact. Just think how wonderful it is that you can be sitting on your bed, in class, in an airport, or anywhere at all and by the swift aft of opening a cover or an app, be transported to another place and another time instantaneously. If you’re having a bad day, simply open Harry Potter and you can be at Hogwarts running around and causing mischief. Or open a John Green book and be in Amsterdam with Hazel and Augustus or pulling off the best prank ever with Pudge and friends.

The immediate world may be limited because of school, work, family or anything. But within a book you can do anything or be anything. You can make friends and enemy’s, fall in love with the characters and learn to love to hate others, you can solve mysteries and bring out a side of you that you didn’t know that you had. The possibilities are endless.

So next time you have a day (or year) like I have, simply curl up with a warm cup of tea in you’re favourite spot and open up a book. Be prepared to be transported to another world, where anything is possible and somehow magically at least for a little while you’re troubles, worries, and problems seem to get hidden between the words and pages of the book as you yourself get lost in the story.

I am a reader. Not because I have no life, but because I choose to have many.



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