Reading Encouraged In Schools

Everybody remembers the horror of reading the novels in their high school language arts classes; trying to decipher Romeo and Juliet and attempting to get through the boring books with long sentences to later give up and simply use sparknotes. This idea is engraved in almost every person who has once been a high school students brain. That a really sad though isn’t it, that the one thing most people remember about their language arts classes is being forced to read things that they have no interest for. This idea has possibly caused resentment for the idea of reading in many younger generations. Reading used to be the most common and enjoyed past time of people and now it has been placed as the un cool or rejected thing to do in some situations. That’s a sad thought isn’t it? I think that one place to start giving people a good idea of reading should be in the schools.

When children first begin reading should we give them a good and supportive idea of it? I believe that schools are the most influential part of a child’s life when reading can come into hand because their education can effect their likes and dislikes. Throughout their school lives students are forced to read book after book for classes. Most of the time these books are hard for them to understand and are not within the common interests of people. This would put anybody off of reading if they were forced to read something that they didn’t enjoy. I believe that schools should make more choices available to students on book projects and such so they are more interested in the subject and have more of a desire to learn and participate. This will also make the activity of reading enjoyable.

If children are forced to only read certain books in school without having anytime to read anything else it could give them the wrong idea and opinion of reading not only at school but in their free time also. If children in schools are allowed more and mandatory time to read their own books in class it might encourage them to take it up as a hobby if they are shown that there are books about any subject for any area of interest.


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