Artificial Perservatives

Have you ever looked at the ingredients label on your favourite snack foods that you grab from the cupboard without even thinking? If you haven’t yet, I would highly suggest it, you might be in for a big shock. There is a big debate out in the nutritional world about the effects of artificial preservatives on our bodies and diets. Preservatives are things that are not naturally found in the world or in our food that are not put in for nutritional reasons but for things such as colour and appearance. There is much debate over weather there are underling effects of these and it’s amazing to see how much of these are found in everyday life and what the possible effects of them are. It’s amazing and scary to see the things that your foods could be doing to you without you even realizing it. Personally I believe that theses preservatives can have an effect on us and that we should try to eat all natural although there are some overreactions about the exact effects of said items. I decided to check out some things in my cupboard. This is a Kraft Mac and Cheese microwave meal that was in my house and the ingredients in it.


That’s a lot of ingredients for such a simple thing, that should be one tip off that your food probably isn’t the best thing for you to be eating, I found a website that gives a very good argument and examples of some ingredients that could be harming you and the effects here. This list has a lot of things for you to look out and maybe think twice about. Now I compared the list to the meal I found in my house.

One of the biggest issues with additives is the food coloring. It is one of the biggest complaints and possible ingredients that hurt us the most. These additives are not necessary for the food to be stable and good tasting. All these do is simply change the colors and make them look more appealing. These foods can cause sluggish feelings, cause some people to not be able to think as well, constipation and just have our bodies not run as smoothly. I personally would advice people to be more aware of the ingredients in the foods that they consume. I would rather be healthy and happy than have my food look a brighter shade of yellow, but hey, that’s just me. Happy cooking and eating c:


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