Pros and Cons of an Animal Free Diet

There are many debates through out the pro and anti animal product communities about the health benefits or hindrances of being a vegan or not. There are good points to both sides and most of the time it simply depends on how you chose to do your diet. You can still be healthy while being vegan. While you would think it would be hard, but it is actually very possible to over eat while being a vegan. If you eat a bunch of potato chips and foods like those you will not be as healthy as you probably were before you made the switch. On the flipside if you only eat broccoli for every meal you will not get all the needed nutrients to be healthy and safe. I recently read a really interesting article from Fox News that talks about some of the main benefits and concerns about choosing to be animal free, you can find a link here.

There are many health pros to becoming a vegan. One of the main things that persuades people to become vegan is the weight loss. This restricts your diet so much that a majority of the people who do the diet correctly will lose weight and feel better with more energy. Although for this to be successful you have to have a source of protein that isn’t too many calories so you aren’t hungry all day and don’t keep eating trying to feel full. One of the other main benefits is the environmental benefits that help. Most vegans are more conscious of the emissions they create and stuff like that, which makes the world a little cleaner at a time.

The main argument against the health of a vegan diet is getting enough vitamins and nutrients in your diet to remain healthy. Since you remove many sources of iron, calcium and many other important nutrients in your normal everyday diet, you will need to find a way to replace those. I, and most people who are vegan, will take multi vitamins every morning. Those are very good in supplying all of the ones that you will need. I also take a B12 and calcium supplement. Those are supposed to be very good and helpful for you also.

So long story short, in my opinion the benefits outweigh the health risks because if you are smart and do it right, you will feel so much healthier and better than before.


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