New Year, New You; Health Foods

Well, the beginning of the year is always a huge time when people start up their weight loss resolutions. Diet commercials are all over the t.v., gyms get packed, and diet programs get a lot of new customers. Although sadly a lot of people tend to give up their resolutions in less than 6 months. Its a fun idea at the beginning of the year to think that we’ll not eat junk food all year and exercise everyday, but sooner or later the newness of the goal wears off and people want to go back to eating cake and relaxing after a long day of work. One tip that I think might help people keep track of their resolutions is finding healthy foods that taste amazing, so it won’t feel like a diet. I have heard that this is a tactic that many diet agencies use, because it’s easier to diet if you don’t feel like you are. So I have compiled a list of foods that are healthier, but also don’t taste like cardboard.

1. Pomegranate

Pomegranates are very good fruits, I believe, that are really good for you. The part that you eat is the seeds inside, they are very juicy and don’t taste or seem like seeds at all. You can buy the whole thing and peel it yourself, which is kinda fun but can be a lot of work, or you can buy ones that are already pre-pealed.


2. Magic Pops

Magic Pops are really good if you’re looking for a good low calorie snack. They are sold at Hy-Vee’s where I live and may not be sold everywhere, but I think these are really cool. They come in a different array of flavours and are very big for very little calories. A good snack if you get muchy.

3. Almond Milk

Almond milk is not only a really good alternative for vegans and those who have lactose free diets, it is really good and healthy. If you want a chocolate fix during the day, grab a glass of the chocolate almond milk. It tastes just like regular chocolate milk, maybe even better, and it has much less calories while still giving you health benefits. It’s much healthier than a slice of cheese or a chocolate bar.




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