These days it seems like everybody has either a tablet, iPad, Nook, or Kindle. The age of technology has transformed almost every single aspect of our lives and has moved it’s way into the world of reading. Eversince e-books and e-readers have come out, there has always been a debate over which is better, the traditional paperbook or the advanced e-book. Many people have really strong opinions on this topic. Personally, I really enjoy them both. There is nothing that beats the feeling of success when you flip page after page on a book and that finally close the back cover and reflect on the ending. Although the e-readers make it easier to carry a thousand page book anywhere without breaking your back or shoulder having to lug it around. Pernally I love the feel an everything about the traditional paperback books. it’s the way I have always read and how I mostly always will. I love turning the pages of a book. Theres a quote from one of my favourite books ever, Inkheart, that talks about paper books. The father in the story repairs books and has so much to say about how amazing they are. He pointed out how everytime a book is read it looks like it gets bigger and bigger, it’s not as small and flat as it was when it was brand new. The father said that it was because everytime you read you left your thoughts, feelings, pictures of the book inside the pages to be released when you dive into the pages again. I have always loved that thought. That thought really struck me hard and has really added even more magic to reading and it makes me smile to think that a part of me is in every book I’ve read.

My argument towards e-readers is that they encourage people to read, and anything that makes people want to read even more is A is my book. I think that in this new technological age and setting people are more likley to do anything when technology is involved. That makes reading more exciting for many people if you can do it on your tablet while waiting for a plane to land or just relaxing at home. It makes it fun, for at least people my age, when you can use technology to something. It does add an ease when transporting books with you. It is a lot easier to fit a small tablet in your backpack that a huge book. Transporting Stephen King’s Under The Dome in my backpack in 7th grade cured me of carrying big books everywhere. I think I was hunched back for a couple weeks after I finished it.

So in my opinion, I prefer the natural “old” style of reading paper back books, but as long as you’re reading, how you do it, I could care less. Happy holidays, and Happy Booking!


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