Surviving The Holidays

Ahh, the Holidays. The wonderful time when your forced to make pounds of food for people you really don’t like that much, get harassed by family members, and forced to deal with not only the crazy shopping crowds but the unpredictable weather too. I know, about as much as anybody just how stressful the holidays can be. It is only December 10th and I am counting down the days until Dec 26th when all the stress will be over and no more family time (16 by the way). Well, my goal for this post is to help, or at least attempt to, take some of the stress off the minds of all the vegans out there for the holidays. Eating out is hard enough, but family dinners, at least for me seem to be the worst. The typical foods at our family houses for big dinners is meat for the main dish, cheesy sides, and wine. This could lead to a very hungry and very stressed vegan, which is not a good combination. So I have been researching a little bit and am finding some tips to make the holiday eating a bit less stressful.

1. Back Up Food

Rule one in any family situation is either to have a back up plan or an escape route. It’s always a good idea to sneak a bag of almonds, a little bit of peanut butter, or any other of your favourite treats or foods that keep you satisfied. You can leave them in your car or purse as a back up plan so you don’t have to suffer and watch everyone eat while you can’t.

2. Offer to Bring Something

Everybody loves a helpful hand. Get on the good side of your family members and have the oppertunity to have soemthing vegan-approved, by offering to make a side dish or the main meal yourself and bringing it. There are so many recipies out there that most people would never know are vegan and that your families would love. Sometimes it just takes a little research. Here are a couple recipes that I found for every course of a meal;

Side Dishes;

Creamy Roasted Tomato, Garlic, Onion, Coconut Soup– Don’t be turned off by the name, it is very flavourful and have heard really good reviews about this one, and it looks delicious!

Broccoli and Cheese Soup– Finally a good vegan recipe for my favourite soup of all time.

Zucchini and Potato Bake– If you haven’t had this TRY IT! I love both Zucchini and poataos so this is a wonderful combo!

Even more can be found here.

These are just a few examples of some meal ideas. Click on the course that you want a recipe for and a link will take you to some amazing recipes to bring on the holidays.

Main Course                 Dessert                 Pasta Salads                 


3. Don’t Change it To All About You

One of the common complaints about Vegans is that they are accused, often unjustly about being very pompous about their eating habits. Be cool, guys. Don’t freak out at weird Uncle Joe for eating some turkey or at Grandma for having a glass of milk, you never know how they’ll react. It’s okay for others to eat differently for whatever their reasons are, so don’t expect people to accommodate you, because it was your choice to eat differently and it’ll all be okay.


Hopefully these help out at least a little, I know just in my research I found a ton of good recipes that I am really excited to try out. Stay safe, and try to get through the holidays with minimal mental damage. Happy Cooking and Happy Holidays!


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