Safekeeping by Karen Hesse- First Thoughts

SafekeepingI recently, aka yesterday, began reading a new book, Safekeeping by Karen Hesse. I will admit that I am not far into the book at all but from what I have read it is a very interesting plot line and a very applicable idea to todays world. This book is about a young girl, Radly, who is on a mission trip in Haiti when she gets word that the president of the United States has been shot and that there is turmoil throughout the country. She hurries back to go home to her family and seek refuge with them together. She doesn’t realize just how bad the situation has gotten until she gets there and finds that her parents have not met her. She has to travel through this strange new country to find her parents and survive in the new rules.

I am not typically a person that is very interested in politics and I will never be caught reading a political book or even speaking fondly of them very often. This book though, I find really interesting. As dooming as it seems, I really find apocalyptic books and TV shows to be really interesting. Its always fun, to me, to see how I think I would react in certain situations and how other people react. The beginning and situation of the turmoil, is one part that I find the most fascinating. I am a huge fan of the Walking Dead, because I find the post apocalyptic world and its social conducts to be really interesting. This book has all of those elements. It shows how the chaos begins and how many people react to it.

Radly was away and out of the country when all this begun, so she has no sense of any of the new rules and regulations in her country. She leaves for a couple of months and comes back to a place that has curfews and where you need government permission to even pass state lines. This country is in complete turmoil and she is walking in during the middle and trying to simple grasp what is even happening and how it begun.

As you can tell I am not a fan of politics, and I often take the “hippie” stance on many things. I disagree with many things that our government is doing today, and I honestly fear that this could someday be a real possibility. With the congress not being able to agree and even make simple compromises and the gap between the beliefs and relations between the right and the left side growing bigger everyday, the government may just be heading that way. People are getting angry and tired, and they are beginning to speak and act out against what is going on. If something doesn’t change soon, I’m afraid that America could soon turn into Radly’s world.

Sorry to all of you who expected a book review and came across my rant, it’s not what I origionaly intended, but the coincidences are uncanny and scary in some ways. So I will keep reading this book, and fuel my obsession with turmoiled societies. Happy Booking!


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