Vegan Tips Video

I found this video on Youtube a while ago and I thought it was really cool. This guys gives some tips for people becoming vegan. It is a hard transition and if you don’t do it right and be careful with it you could end up giving up and going back to regular eating or have health consequences. I would recommend to anyone trying to decide weither to become a vegan or not to follow rules and plans such as this one to give you a guide and make sure that you go through the transition correctly and make it last and worth all your efforts.

There are many different ways that you can go from regular eating to vegan eating. First off I would go vegetarian for a week or so. Take out meat first to let your body get used to the changes. Than after that week I would move on to a full vegan diet. This will make it an easier transition on your body. What I noticed is that for the first little bit I was a lot hungrier and munchy during the day. Eventually I got used to the different foods and my body adjusted. I would make sure that you have a lot of peanut butter at hand and just be smart. Hope these tips help! Happy Cooking!



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