The Book vs. The Movie

The never ending tale of books vs movies, and which ones are better, is one thing that almost every person will have a valid opinion towards. My personal view, that you can probably guess seeing that my blog is half about reading, is that the books are always so much better than the movies. There are actually a lot of valid points for each side and to some people it is actually a very big issue. It also ties in the question of wither you will read the book before the movie, or afterwards.
In my opinion there are so many movies that just tend to not live up to the book. While movies are amazing and a lot of fun, there is still nothing quite like quickly turning the page of a book to find what happens next to the hero and the bad guy, or which guy will get the girl. These stories told out in detail give you a feel of being actually there and being able to put a slight interpretation of your own in the mix of your story. There are so many ways the little things in a book can be taken, and it can ruin a movie if the director doesn’t take those simple ideas the same way that you did.
One of the biggest complaints that I hear between a book and a movie, is that the characters never look like you would picture them. That is so true on many occasions. The descriptions in a book are opposite of that of the actor’s actual appearance. This has always annoyed me to no end, but when you really think about it, in some cases it’s unavoidable. Like I mentioned earlier, every book is slightly based upon the fact that readers will interoperate their own ideas into the story line, and the picture of the characters that you get back are often one of those. While, yes in other cases there is no viable excuse for changing a character as much as some movies do, sometimes the possibility to be pleased with a character just won’t happen.
Movie director’s also add and take away a lot of details and events to make the movie a good length and to keep everybody interested in coming to see it. When directors change little details such as the room number in The Shining, those are the things that really get me upset because sometimes those little things are very important.
So basically yes, the book and the movie will be juristically different. That is a sad an unavoidable fact, unless the author is actually there at the set all the time and helping out (I’m looking at you John Green), than theres a good chance it won’t come out the way you want it to. It’s all down to opinion to see which one you think better describes your picture of the story and if the movie follows the book. In my opinion, I love movies and will always watch them, but the book, the original, is usually the best. Happy Booking!


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