Review of Doctor Sleep

In one word: WOW! I recently read and finished Stephen King’s new book, Doctor Sleep. If you have not read this book yet, stop reading this post, because there will be spoilers! This is my official spoiler alert, so if you keep reading, you can’t blame me.
This book was amazing and I was not let down one bit, from the beginning to end I was hooked. Stephen King really does an amazing job, like he always does. So time for my indepth thoughts on the book, other than just WOW.
I loved the beginning, it starts off not long after the end of The Shining and tells how Danny is still being haunted by his old friends from the Overlook Hotel. I really liked how him and Dick stay in touch still and how he helps him lock the ghosts away.
The book slowly transitions into the future and captures Danny (or Dan now) at an older age. If I had one complaint through out this book it would be what King did with Dan as he aged. He became an alcoholic just like his father was. I didn’t really like this, because in my opinion I pictured Dan never wanting to do what his father did and be like him after he abused both him and his mother and lost a job over his addiction. Although I later realized it was a necessary part of the story, I still don’t like the fact that he was turned to the bottle. Although it in no way brings my opinion of the book down at all.
One cool thing about his books, and this one, is the characters that you fall in love with, and the ones that you just love to hate. Abra was one of my favourite characters in this book, I loved seeing another girl with the shine and seeing how Dan gets the chance to help and mentor her, while helping himself also. Rose the Hat is the obvious love to hate character, she was a b.a., smooth girl, but rutheless and I have to admit that at the end, I was glad that she died.
Dan’s new job is one of the coolest things that I have read in a long time, Doctor Sleep. I thought how he incorporated his shine into his work, and the name, and how he used it to help Abra and kill the True, really all came together beautifully and was absolutely perfect.
There were soooooo many amazing plot twists through this whole book, that would have to be my overall favourite part, because you never ever saw some of them coming. Over all I really loved the book and was very happy with the ending and how things worked out for Dan, Abra, Billy, and the gang. I would love to hear your guys’ thoughts over this book too, if you have read it. Any comments at all! Happy Booking! And make sure to stay away from RV’s when driving along the highway all 😉


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