The Quotes We Love

Book Quotes are one of my favourite things about reading, to put it simply. The sayings that you can relate to, that stick with you, and keep you going. I bet you can think of one right now as your reading this, cant you? Characters in books are some of the wisest people that come straight from the authors endless mind of knowledge. Quotes speak to us, the reach out through the pages, grab our attention, pull us in and keep us. It tells you what you really took out of the book, what you learned and what you liked. Throughout every book that I read, I have started making note of any quotes that I really like, and sometimes coming back to them. Some quotes are funny and make you laugh and others are perfectly philosophical. The possibilities for quotes and things you take from books are endless and those are the main things that stay with us when we read the last page and close the cover. I have many many favourite quotes (I am a bit of a quote junkie) and I’ll share a couple of mine, just because it’s my blog and I can, so I hope you find these really cool c:

“But you could argue that there is something tragically heroic about fighting this battle he is doomed to loose. Is this hope a kind of insanity, or the very definition of humanness?”

This is a quote from Paper Towns by John Green. I absolutely love this quote. I find it to be completely true, that fighting battles that we are doomed to lose is what humans do, it really is the definition of humanness. When you really think about it, at least for me, everything about this quote just speaks out to me in truth. The tragically beautiful description of human nature.

“I think she’s magic”

“You think everything’s magic, stupid girl.”

“Well, everything is.”

This quote is from Wicked by Gregory Maguire. This book is wonderfully amazing, and filled with so many great quotes that I wouldn’t have time to type them all out and without giving anything of the plot and idea away. I really love this quote because to me the world is filled with magic. Good and bad magic, yes but everything is magical if you make it out to be so. I think its wonderful how some people have not seen enough of the bad things in the world to deep in their hearts truly believe that good magic is in everything. Its a beautiful thought.

These are just two quotes in my great expanse that I have collected over time and pages, Someday I will try to make an electronic copy of these and post them for you dearest readers of mine. If you have any quotes that you love, please don’t be shy and share them, I love hearing new quotes. Keep Reading c:


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