Tips and Tricks (At Least The Ones I Know About)

Hello all! I have officially been a vegan for 10 days now! *Waits for applause and statements of awe* Yeah, yeah, not really much of an accomplishment, eh? Oh well, everybody has to start somewhere, and I started 10 days ago. I will have to admit this past week and change has been a HUGE learning experience for me, its really amazing. You never really know how much crap and junk you eat until you cant anymore. I love it. I like the challenge and the hunt of finding things that are okay to eat under the strict vegan dietary laws. There are both good and bad sides to this diet, but so far I am loving it. There is so much to learn and so much that people need to be informed about with vegan and vegetarian diets, its amazing. While I don’t claim to be an all knowing expert on the subject, I have learned a few things over these past days that I’d like to share with you dear faithful followers, because, well I can. So here they are, The Tips And Tricks of a 10 Day (and counting) Vegan:

1.) Substitutions! They are a total life saver, when you are just beginning your change to vegan, vegetarian or any other eating habit change, at that. When you first begin, it’s best to take baby steps on the road to change. You can do that by using substitutions! For example, everybody loooooves some good chocolate, right? Well, it’s still possible to have chocolate on a vegan diet. Dark Chocolate. That’s right, it is a gift from the gods. While you might have to check the label just to be sure, but most dark chocolates should be dairy free, and no cocoa butter is not a dairy product. I have Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate chips at my house that are good to grab, just a couple, at night when the chocolate urge comes along. There are also many cooking substitutions that are amazing also. The other day I was feeling the need for some baked goods, so I simply googled eggless brownies and in half an hour I had a way too good platter that disappeared way too fast. I will be following up and posting all of the baking substitutions that I have found and easy way to convert recipes you have now, into vegan friendly ones. ( An added plus, most are healthier)

2.) Protein. Just in this little time that I have gone vegan the question “How do you get protein?” Is already getting very very annoying. So I’ll answer it quick and simple for you. There are many ways that we can still get protein, there are nuts, peanut butter, and vegan friendly granola bars. The possibilities are endless, all you have to do is look at a vegans best friend, the nutrition label.

3.) Not every meal will be a big feast like you see on the internet. On many cooking blogs and websites, people show pictures of extravagant meals and platters that they fix vegan style and look amazing. At least for me, and I’m assuming a couple of you out there too, don’t have the time, energy, or skill to do this all the time. Somedays it will be a plate of veggies and baked beans or rice, and that is totally okay.

4.) Going out in public, is hard. And this time I don’t just mean socially hard (people….ew). Going out to eat to some places will be a big challenge. No more going on a shopping trip and stopping for a burger or an ice cream cone quick. No more amusement park meals. This is hard and takes perseverance to find vegan meals in some places. It is possible though, don’t give up. If nothing else ask for help from a waiter, they can usually help you find something.

5.) Always keep food with you. You never know when you’ll get hungry and be stuck with no viable food options. So always, keep, food, with, you. It can be a lifesaver. Trust me.

This is all I got so far, but I will probably be adding to the list as my expire


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