The Choice To Go Vegan

So going vegan is a big choice that many people through out the world make for an array of different reasons. Some reasons included morals and ethics, and some include just simple health reason, some people just simply want to sound cool by telling people that theyre vegan. Every person has their own reasons for making it considering to make that decision. The reason I made the choice was the combination of multiple reasons and factors. I’ll start off by simply putting that I don’t hate meat and people that eat meat. I love a good burger, I love ice cream, scrambled eggs, they’re all wonderful things, I just simply chose not to eat them. I do love animals and think that in some farms and plants that make meat and food do treat the animals badly and that is very sad. I’ve seen many videos and pictures of chickens crammed in close quarters penned in with no freedom or room to fly and roam. The trucks driving down the road filled with pigs, that can’t be a fun or comfortable drive for them at all. It does make me sad to see all of that happening, but I know that that it not the case for all farmers and people who make the meat that we humans consume. Although I’d lie if I said that, the treatment wasn’t a small motivator in my decision, but it wasn’t one of the main ones. For many people that is the only reason that they chose to become vegan or vegetarian. Another reason to consider changing ones diet is health reasons. One of the most common is weight loss. Now health wise meat is very good for you, depending on what kind of meat that you get. Lean cut meats tend to be very healthy and have low fat percentages. Dairy is also a very healthy thing for you, it give you calcium and tastes awesome. Although it’s probably not the smartest thing to have ice cream every day, some Greek yogurt for breakfast or a snack is always a good choice though. Although if you cut out all of these items, that are healthy, although can be very high in fat and calories, and replace them with vegetables or other vegan approved meal items, you cut back on a lot of daily calories and boom, weight loss. It’s a trick that many people around the world use, and after they reach they’re ultimate goal weight, they usually return to their old eating habits or add back in a few of their favourite dairy and meat foods. My reason for deciding to try and go vegan, for at least a little while is ultimately a combination of these things. It was mainly a challenge to me, to see if I really could cut out a lot of these foods and get away with it. Turns out, I’m doing pretty good so far! c: I have already noticed a difference in how the foods I eat effect me. I went on a trip to the theme park in my state, yesterday and it was a real eye opener and learning experience. If any of you readers out there are vegetarian or vegan you understand how hard it is to find food that you can eat when out in public. For lunch we stopped at a pizza place so I simply had a salad, and dinner we ate in the park. Good luck finding a salad or something vegan approved in a theme park, I tell you. So French fries it was. When I thought about it later that night I was amazed at how many calories I had saved myself yesterday. Substituting pizza, potato salad, ice cream, and a cupcake for a salad and that’s a lot of uneaten calories right there. Than take a sandwich and fries for simply fries and you save yourself more. It was really amazing seeing how healthier you eat when you make rules in your head of what you can and can’t consume. It’s really interesting to notice. So overall I believe it was a very good choice on my part to make the choice to go vegan, for both myself and for animals. I’d be curious to hear anyone else’s thoughts on this. Weither you are vegan or vegetarian or any other self made diet choices, what helped you in that decision. And if you aren’t, what is your opinion of these diets? Or just any comments in general! I’d love to hear your opinions c:


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