Magic of Reading

It seems like these days less and less people are reading. It’s become the cool thing to hate reading, and play video games instead. I find this a very sad fact. You can tell how the world is changing when people give you odd looks when you say you enjoy reading in your free time. Reading, as it seems, has become less and less of something you do for fun and more of people simply reading because your teachers make you. It makes me wonder where we have gone wrong. Where has the magic of reading gone? Reading is an escape, a freedom from everyday life. When you open a book and dive into the pages you are more than just simply reading words on a page. With every word you’re being taken deeper and deeper into a new magical world. Books can teach you lessons and help you learn lessons. They give you memories and new thoughts and maybe even role models. Most everything in our entertainment society comes from books. Most movies and stories that we all love, come from books. They have such an impact on lives, and it makes me so sad to see that it is becoming a dwindling thing. If people just opened their minds, picked up a book and read, I can almost guarantee that they would enjoy and get so much out of it. Someday, the magic will spread again. Because once you open that cover, you never know where the pages will take you.


One thought on “Magic of Reading

  1. I absolutely love reading. I also play video games. Mainly because I just love stories and enjoy them in many forms. But there is nothing quite like escaping into the pages of a great book. 🙂

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