Looking For Alaska by John Green

Looking For AlaskaOne of my favourite authors, whom I have only recently discovered, is the wonderful John Green. I recently read an amazing book by him called “Looking For Alaska”, and I absolutely loved it. The characters were loveable and admirable, and the plot really keeps you guessing. Although it also really teaches some good lessons about many deep and hard to grasp topics, such as death and guilt. Basically it’s about Miles “Pudge”, a junior in high school who decides to go to his fathers alma mater boarding school “in search of a great perhaps.”. It basically follows him and his new friends, Alaska Young, Chip Martian and others, through out their school year and about the adventures they have. It’s not exactly a book all about fun and games though, it has some very deep and compelling subjects that really drew me and made me rethink some things. It includes very interesting views on death and our purpose here. John Green really has a way of making you think about certain things. If you liked other books by him such as “Paper Towns” and “The Fault In Our Stars”, I would really recommend that you read this. IF you haven’t even heard of John Green before, you should still read it, because it’s an amazing book and one of my personal all time favourites c: If you have already read this amazing book, feel free to comment about your thoughts on it c:


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